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Frequently Asked Questions

Q)Jim, where did you get these items from? Who's your source? A)Being in the game used uniforms business for a number of years has allowed me the priviledge of establishing sources across the spectrum of pro and college sports and also within the memorabilia collecting community. These sources are impeccable and I place the utmost confidence in the authenticity of the items acquired from them. Out of respect for the privacy and integrity of my sources and my clients, yourself included, I do not disclose names, positions, companies, or other contact information. Be assured that any item purchased from Jim's Jerseys is guaranteed 100 percent genuine.

Q)So, Jim, what's your best price on this item? A)My list prices are firm. I make every effort to offer competitive, collector-friendly pricing. There are no quantity discounts or other price reductions extended. Shipping charges are as posted.

Q)Do I get a COA or LOA with an item I buy from Jim's Jerseys? A)All items sold by Jim's Jerseys are accompanied by a Jim'a Jerseys COA. The exception to that rule are jerseys that are being purchased by a collector to wear. I do not issue a COA with those jerseys because once you begin wearing and washing a jersey, it may change from the condition or state that it existed in at the time I sold it.

Q)Jim, why is it that you have two nearly identical items; both from the same team, same time period, and worn by players of similar status--yet one item is significantly higher in price? A)The item of higher price may be a consignment. My consigner may be asking more for his item than the price of my own.

Q)Jim, you encourage collectors who have items to sell not to use ebay, but to consign with you or sell to you instead. Why is it that you sometimes sell on ebay? Aren't you being hypocritical? A)As a business man who makes his living selling game-worn/used items, I need to maintain a small ebay presence in an effort to draw those buyers to the website.


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