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Though not mentioned in the item descriptions, all NFL helmets dating from 1991 forward have the NFL shield on the back left.

  JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS #8 MARK BRUNNELL, Riddell VSR-4 size L with OPO style facemask, from 1996. The #8 is on back as well as the JAGUARS cervical pad label. The velcro communications gear fasteners were removed from the interior after the season. Overall light wear shows with a small number of scuffs near the left earhole plus light interior staining. $650.00  
  MIAMI DOLPHINS #13 DAN MARINO, Riddell VSR-4 size 7 1/4--7 3/4, from 1995. The "13" identifier is affixed to the back in seperate numerals and written inside above the right ear hole. DOLPHINS cervical pad decal. The velco communications gear fasteners remain intact. Light but noticeable game-use is evidenced through scattered minor scuffing on the shell, plus light perspiration staining on the interior padding. A very nice piece worn by the class of 2005 Hall of Famer. $4,000.00  


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  NORTHERN ARIZONA LUMBERJACKS Player unknown, Riddell AF2 size 8 1/4, from 1986. The shell was originally blue before being converted to yellow-gold. Good game-use is evidenced through numerous scuffs on the shell plus dirt staining on the interior. The jaw pads are missing. $89.00  
  N.E. LOUISIANA INDIANS #98, AIR with cage facemask, Louisiana label on front bumper and on back, 98 and NCAA FOOTBALL stickers on back, from 1997 $100.00  
  AUGUSTANA VIKINGS #60 MANZ, AIR size L with cage facemask, from 1997. "60 Manz" is written inside the crown. NCAA FOOTBALL sticker on back, AUGUSTANA front bumper label. Good use is evidenced with impact and paint marks scattered about the shell. $79.00  
  SAN DIEGO TOREROS #15, Riddell VSR-4 with WR/QB style facemask, NCAA Football sticker, 15 inside on dymo tape, from 1997, excellent use! $79.00  
  UTAH ST. AGGIES #9, Riddell VSR-4 with WR style facemask, AGGIES label on front bumper, UTAH STATE label on cervical pad, NCAA logo on back, mouthguard attached, recertified 1998 $130.00  
  UTAH ST. AGGIES #30, Riddell VSR-4 with RB/DB style facemask, AGGIES label on the front bumper, NCAA flag sticker on back, Utah State label on the cervical pad, 30 on a sticker inside, from 1998 $130.00  
  ARIZONA WILDCATS #55, Riddell Revolution size L with G-BDU facemask, 55 and U.S. Flag sticker on back, CATS front bumper label, ARIZONA cervical pad label, from the early 2000's, moderate use $200.00  
  ARIZONA WILDCATS #89, Riddell Revolution size L with G-BDU facemask, 89 and U.S. Flag sticker on back, CATS front bumper label, from the early 2000's, moderate use $200.00  
  NORTHERN IOWA PANTHERS #12, AIR size L with WR/RB style facemask, NCAA Football sticker and 12 on the back, two award stickers, from 1997 $100.00  


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