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Jim Yackel is the rare sports hobbyist who openly and freely shares his faith in Jesus Christ to customers and potential customers...a nice breath of fresh air in a hobby that often ignores God. Further, his business practices and dealing activities reflect a sincere and successful attempt to mirror his Christian faith in his everyday life. Jim doesn't just "talk the talk" of his faith...he also "walks the walk".--D. Miedema, IL.

I just wanted to leave a couple of comments about the integrity of Jim Yackel. Last week, I called and bought a jersey from Jim after reading the description. I couldn't wait to get this jersey because it was from my favorite team. The next day, Jim calls me and explains that the original owner of the jersey called him to state that one of the flaws on the jersey wasn't there when he (original owner) originally sold it. Jim wanted to let me know this and gave me the option of backing out of the sale. I must say, I was highly impressed that Jim even called to offer this as there are some who would have kept the information to themselves. Just based on his honesty alone, I went ahead with the sale and have to say that I am 110% satisfied with the jersey, but more so with his honesty and devotion to customer service. Thank's Jim and I'll most certainly be back.--M.Holden, MO.

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Jim for the past 4 years. Not only is he one of the best to deal with in the hobby he is one of the best when it comes to customer service. Jim is a consumate pro when it comes to shipping and delivers the jersey right on time. I have also had Jim as a guest on my radio show when it comes to talking about the hobby and also at Christmas time when I do my annual "what to buy the sportsfan on your list for Christmas" show. Not only do I enjoy making deals with Jim I also enjoy talking with him about the hobby when I give him a call. There are not many who get a 10 out of 10 on my list of jersey professionals but Jim Yackel is # 1 in my book.--Bruce Barker - 4 Time National Lacrosse League World Champion Play By Play Announcer ( 2000-02- 03 TORONTO 2004 CALGARY )

Jim, Got the bat yesterday, 9/20, and am extremely happy. It looks better than I expected. It's nice to purchase something from a seller you can trust. You're a great asset to the hobby.--C. Josefy, Texas

Hi Jim, I just wanted to let you know that the 1996 White Philadelphia Eagles jersey I purchased from you arrived safely and looks fantastic. My 9 year old son Matt gave it quite a work out before hanging it with the rest of our humble collection (right now he's torn between wanting to be a football player or a baseball player). I did a quick search of Getty images and found a great close-up shot of Seay wearing a white jersey on 11/24/96. It's an absolute, 100% match to the jersey you just sold me! It's not very often that I can actually photo-match a jersey to actual game use, but this one is a perfect match. Just thought you'd like to know! Thanks again for your (as usual) impeccable service! I trust we'll be doing more business. Keep doing what you're doing - we need more like you!-- J. Fisher, Pennsylvania

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This jersey is great, and what speedy delivery! This has been the most pleasant transaction I have ever had with a dealer/supplier, etc. You've been great. I have sung your praises and will continue to do so. You are a class act, and you have a classy business, and it is so nice to deal with someone like you who is honest. I love my jersey, and I can't wait to show it to Mr. M. He's going to get such a kick out of this. Thanks again, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. J. Jubilee, New Jersey

Hi Jim, just to let you know I received the Trent Klatt Philadelphia Flyers gamer today and I was very pleased with the jersey and how fast your shipping is to the UK. Also I was very happy with the amount of stick and puck marks and also the blood stains on the jersey, much more than I had imagined. No doubt I will be buying another gamer of you in the near future, thanks for an easy and pleasant service. Simon, Cardiff, UK.

Jim, Just a quick note to say I got the Joe Gibbs jacket today. I had a good feeling when I went through your Web site and I would not hesitate to recommend your site to any serious collector. Again, thank you for making my first business transaction with Jim�s Jerseys a great one. G.Cameron, Alberta

Jim-- I received my bats this morning around 0930. Thanks for such lightning fast shipping, it is greatly appreciated. I am pleased more than you know with the bats, I love them. They are great additions to my growing collection. I will be back for more soon. Thank you again very much for everything.- J.Halliburton, Tennessee

Good evening Jim, I just wanted you to know that I received my Iowa Barnstormers and Scottish Claymores helmets today. A million thanks for offering these helmets on your web site and for getting them here so unbelievably fast! I look forward to displaying these beauties in my sports room! I would like to commend you for your EXCELLENT service and selection of items. I have already book marked your site to keep an eye out for even more goodies in the future. Take care and I look forward to dealing with you again very soon! Sincerest thanks, C. Mihalovich, Missouri

Jim, Just wanted to take a minute to formally introduce myself to you via email. I'm constantly hearing great things about you from customers, and I've been a frequent visitor to your site for several years. Although I don't think I've purchased anything from you directly, I just wanted to let you know about the positive things I've heard. I truly enjoy reading your weekly editorial section...so much of what you say is DEAD ON. The hobby needs more well-spoken, honest, and passionate individuals like you. It's nice to know that there are some legitimate "good guys" left in the hobby. While I realize we're technically competitors, I try to make a habit of reaching out to those I hear good things about - especially those who I believe to be Christians. I was also pleased to see your link to FCA - what an awesome organization! My wife is a full time Youth Minister, so when I'm not playing around with jerseys I'm very active in her ministry. I'm also a sponsor of Christian Family Day in St. Louis. Anyway, I was just excited to see that you seem passionate about your faith and I wanted to make sure I took the time to introduce myself to you. Many blessings to you, your family, and your business. Best, Rob Steinmetz, President, Authentic Gamers, Inc.

Jim--I really love this hobby. It's a stupid little hobby, but I've been hooked for years. But you sure have to know what you're buying. That's why it is a pleasure to know and do business with someone reputable and implicitly honest...meaning you, of course!-B.Whiting, MI.

You should be PRESIDENT of the Game Worn Jersey Empire Of The World , if it is ever in existance!!! W/ so much BOGUS and fake crap, especially on EBAY out there, we need a watchdog org. of some kind, most buyers have NO CLUE...Thank you, God Bless and much SUCCESS!!!-Steve T.

Hi Jim- I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the jerseys and pants arrived yesterday. Thank you very much for the quick delivery, they are fantastic and I love them, they look great in my collection. You have once again proved why you are the "go to guy" for me in this hobby, after getting back into the fray of this hobby after 10 years I was afraid of some of the knuckleheads out there, but you have given all of us a safe harbor to rely on. If they ever appoint someone to oversee this hobby I would love to be your campaign manager for you to become Commissioner of the game worn jersey and equipment industry!!!! Honesty and integrity for everyone!!!! Thanks again for all that you do, I really appreciate your hardwork and effort, take care and I will talk to you soon-S.Gomes, California


Dear Mr. Yackel, I'm a frequent visitor to your website, and I'm always entertained by your weekly editorial column; I just wanted to thank you for your continued contributions to the hobby. In my opinion, the hobby could use a lot more of people like you, and a lot less of some of those 'other guys'. I would like to support your business as a consumer, but unfortunately I haven't found anything that really catches my eye (as a student without a lot of disposable income, I'm not really in a position to buy a lot of jerseys). But I hope to do so soon; until then, I wish you the best of luck and continued success with Jim's Jerseys.-Henry Chan, Canada

Seasons Greetings Jim--Just moments ago my order arrived at the door. It's been a long time since I've been so excited to receive a parcel in the mail. I really did not expect to see it before Christmas. Thank you for your excellent service. I am just thrilled with my "Stampeders" jersey, my first, and am wearing it as I type this e-mail. My memories of the "Stamps" and "McMahon Stadium" go back to the early 1960's with, Joe Kapp and Eagle Day. I'll also never forget, Tony Pajaczkowski who wore the number 56 at that time. The "Midland Angels" jacket is awesome as well. I'm an Anaheim (California!) Angels fan and overall fan of all Angels. I pray that the Lord bless you and your family at this special time of the year. Your fan in Calgary--R. Moore

Hi Jim, Just wanted to let you know that the Sean Gilbert Raiders jersey arrived as requested and as usual another smooth transaction. Just a quick note that I gave the jersey to my friend, ex-NHL star Ray Sheppard for Christmas. When he opened the package he was totally shocked, being a big Oakland fan this was is first Raiders game worn jersey. Thanx again...Bill Hobson, Florida

Jim, I received the Weber State helmet and I am tremendously happy with it. The delivery was lightning fast and the whole process was painless. I love the battle scars on the helmet that give it character. Through a bit of on-line research, I was able to track down the original player who wore the helmet. He is going to send me an autographed photo that I will display next to the helmet. I have referred your site to my fellow helmet collectors. When I have enough money saved up, I will buy the Utah State Aggies helmet if it is still available (the one with the award decals). You are a true asset to the hobby.T.Gill, Utah

Jim, you are the bomb! One of my most sought out jerseys was found on your website! It got here so quick! The jersey is how it was described - fits perfect! Can't wait to do business again!-A.Francisco, California

Thanks Jim. Received the Dumas jersey today. Great jersey at a great price. You're GREAT, thanks again M.Blackburn, WY.

Hi Jim, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for another great buying experience. A few weeks ago I received the old-style Philadelphia Eagles ACE-1 helmet just a day or two after calling you. After much thought, I decided to clean just the interior of the helmet, and I must say I think it's great that you don't tamper with any of the game used items you sell. The helmet is in awesome shape for being 20+ years old, and I was pleasantly surprised that it has the old EAGLES front bumper decal on it as well. It's exactly what I was looking for & more! Thanks also for taking the time to email me (I finally found your 'lost' emails in what I thought was a closed Netscape account) and chat awhile over the phone, your insight is very interesting. It's a great service you provide- connecting die-hard fans with the real deal in big-time sports equipment. B.Sevick, Minnesota

Thanks Jim. I love your weekly editorials. You are the jersey collectors best friend !!!!! G.Murdock, Ohio

Hello Jim, I rec'd the Courtney Brown jersey yesterday! Only two days after the order. That was very fast! The jersey is in awesome game used condition. It is exactly as (or maybe better than) described on your website, and I am very pleased with it. I showed to a few Browns fans / haters already, and they are very impressed. Also, I would like to thank you for answering all my inquiries. They have definitely helped me make a right decision to purchase the item. With great service and product, no wonder you have a reputation of being best in the game used gear business. I will look for more Browns jersey on your site, and hopefully increase my collection in the near future. Thank you H.Masuda, California

Jim-- Just a quick note to say the jersey (#19 ROMANIUK Manitoba Moose) has arrived (in record time too for a transatlantic delivery - less than 3 days after completing the transaction). The jersey is exactly as described and I'm very happy with it. I highly recommend you to my fellow north american sports fans based here in the UK. A.Wicks, Cardiff UK

Hi Jim,--- I just wanted to let you know the jersey arrived as you predicted on Monday. It's a beaut- exactly what I was looking for. By the way, do you know why the NFL banned fishnet jerseys? Did the NCAA ban them too? Anyway, thanks for your great customer service, I'd give you positive feedback if this were eBay. I won't hesitate to order in the future & will recommend your site to anyone looking for cool sports memorabilia.- B. Sevick, Roseville MN

Jim, Thanks for the great Vick jersey. The jersey was exactly as you described it and priced right too! It's not too often in this hobby to find a dealer who is honest and forthright. It's too bad you don't have the visibility like the big auction houses because your integrity would put them to shame. I plan on doing more business with you in the future. A. Epstein, Illinois

Just got the Ellsworth Browns Jersey....It looks great!!..Thanks for the lightning fast shipping!!....Another great transaction...Thanks again Jim U., Alabama

Jim: I just wanted to give some positive feedback for the game used Buffalo Bills football that I recently purchased. The item was delivered super fast and it's in great condition. I look forward to purchasing from you in the future. Mike J., Florence, MS

Jim: Just wanted to drop you a line to say that I am very happy with the jersey as well as your professional service. I have your page bookmarked for future visits, which will also mean future sales. Terry Elkins, MI.

I'm one of the few Aussies that is afflicted with the American game worn uniforms collecting "illness." Jim's Jerseys is by far the most trustworthy dealer of these goods. I've been ripped off on ebay. I've been nothing but satisfied with Jim's product and service. He is the undisputed king of game gear! D.D. Canninger, Australia

Over the course of the last two years I have probably purchased 30 gamers from Jim's Jerseys, none have ever been returned and I have never been let down on a delivery of a jersey. I have never been disappointed with any of my dealings with Jim's Jerseys. I only wish that Jim could get his hands on more uniforms from different teams....so that I could purchase more from him! D. Harris, Illinois

I have been collecting game used equipment since 1986, (my wife calls it sports junk) and can tell everybody how hard it is to find people that you can trust. Jim is (one) of the people you can. Because of the money involved in the hobby, dealers will try to sell just about anything and call it game used. Jim has knowledge about the little things that can make all the difference in the world when buying game used equipment. I hope to have a long friendship with Jim in the future both buying and selling game used equipment. J. Hall, Massachusetts

I have been collecting game worn football helmets and jerseys since 1990. I have known Jim since 1999. In all my dealings in this hobby, I have yet to come across another dealer with his mix of honesty, integrity and sense of fair dealing. Jim bends over backward to insure that he delivers a quality product at a fair price. He is simply the best game worn uniform supplier in today's market. M. Beal, North Carolina

Without a doubt, Jim Yackel is one of the finest in the business of game used equipment, period. I have had the distinct pleasure of dealing with him over the years and have never been disappointed. He only deals with a quality product, well documented and professionally presented. I have always been treated fairly and in a very timely manner. His operation is top notch, top to bottom. He is the consummate PRO! I have absolutely no reservation in recommending him! Richard Gelder, Englewood, Florida

Jersey was recieved...again another great one. Truly you are the best and most classy seller on the internet. Thanks a lot!!! D. Keen, Canada

I have known Jim for years, I highly recommend him for any game used memorabilia. He is a trusted source and member in the fraternal brotherhood of memorabilia collectors & dealers....Joe Bettinelli, Gameday Jerseys

I love American sports and the uniforms worn in those events, especially baseball! Jim provides first-rate service and fast international shipping. I never have concerns about the authenticity of items purchased from Jim. Also, I've heard his music and it's great! This omni-dimensional man is a legend in the making..... M. Christanson, England

Jim is a blue-collar, honest dealer. He is the "everyman" that all collectors can relate to. L. Leer, Missouri

Jim's Jerseys consistently provides genuine game worn jerseys at fair prices, and is a pleasure to deal with for uniform collectors. M. Friedman, Maryland

I am very satisfied with the jerseys that I have purchased from Jim's Jerseys. I am even more satisfied with the fast, professional, and courteous service. It always amazes me how fast the jerseys are delivered to me, halfway around the world. D.A., Osaka, Japan

I have purchased several jerseys from Jim. Without exception, Mr. Yackel is a very credible source for game worn items. His service is impeccable. He possess the qualities necessary to be very successful. We need more Jim Yackel's in the hobby. John Balducchi, Iowa

Your business is the ultimate source for the jersey collector. You are known for fast delivery and high quality game worn items. It is nice to deal with a person who is so trusthworthy like you. I'm looking forward continuing doing buisness with you. W. Kremser, Germany

Jim continues to service this hobby in an outstanding manner reflecting fair value to a great selection of desired items. I find him helpful, entertaining and above all a great person to deal with. Larry Pelliccioni, MI.

Jim, Got a chance to sit down & organize some of my sports memorabilia,for display and I just want to thank you for the QUALITY in HONESTY for items purchased from you. I looked at my #79 Jefferson jersey and it is all you described, right down to the yellow field paint stains. From the jerseys to the helmets I have purchased from you, they were all as you described. Thanks for your honesty, for I bought these items sight unseen.To anyone out there,who is considering,an item,don't be afraid to deal with Jim.There are not an abundant amount of honest people in this business,but Jim is a true HONEST PIONEER of this hobby. A TRULY SATISFIED CUSTOMER TERRY RITZ JR./Hereford,Pa.

Integrity, Knowledge and Honesty is how I would define Jim Yackel.... Using his unique ability to make every customer seem to be his number one priority, his wealth of knowledge, fair pricing, moral character and dedication are some of the initiative's that are the cornerstone of Jim's Jersey's. Rick Smith, Thisistheusfl.com

Jim still makes collecting memorabilia whats its supposed to be, Fun!! A true gentleman and an honest businessman. Thanks for the positive dealings! P.Cuzzolino, Maryland

I can easily say that in my 28 years in the game-used uniform hobby, Jim ranks at the top of the list alongside the late-Dick Dobbins as being THE BEST! From honesty and integrity, variety of inventory, reasonable prices, speedy service, and pleasing personality, there is no one in the hobby that does it any better than Jim. M.Hayne, Virginia

Passionate about the hobby, extremely knowledgeable about his product and forthright in his business dealings... Who could ask for more in a dealer? Patrick W. Scoggin, Endzone Sports

Thanks again, Jim. I do want to emphasize the tremendous job you do--dealing with you is always a pleasure...B. Speakman, Texas

Hey Jim, received the jersey today, outstanding!! I told McGuirk and he wants me to stop by this weekend with it (I told him NO TRADES). Thanks for everything once again. People like you and your words of wisdom make this a wonderful world, wish their were more!! God Bless Always-Romans 8:28- B. Gernay, New jersey

Dear Jim, I have received my item. Again you have shown the buying over the internet and north of the border is without worry. You are definitely a reason why free trade between Canada and the United States flourishes as time goes on, and strengthens our relationships as business partners. Your honesty, and integrity is second to none, with regards to " how you do business". It was again a delight to do business with you and I will no doubt continue to tell my friends about you, and enjoy the jersey's that I have received. You are the Best- Thom Warner, Port Perry Ontario, Canada

Jim, I purchased the Norwich University jersey from you and that has got me hooked on this new hobby. Like you I also search ebay to look for college football jerseys. One of my favorite jersey is an Army football jersey. There are many "fake" jerseys out there not just Army but especailly pro. It is real obvious as a collector that alot of these jerseys are fake just by the naked eye. Knowledge of the jersey your looking for will help determine if it is indeed game worn or game issued. Study before you buy..I love the jersey I bought from you. I used to live right across the street from Norwich University as a kid and just looking at the jersey brings back many memories.-V. Creamer, Delaware

This store may be one of the best! I was able to find not one, but two jerseys that I liked. I was able to find an older jersey that I fell in love with! His prices are great, and he is very pleasant to work with. I will definitely buy from him again!- D.Firestone, Illinois


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  6. Seven Words
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  8. Pray Hard
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